Get a total view of your media presence with competitive benchmarking, advertising vs editorial comparisons, social media and influencer engagement all analyzed and interpreted by Editorial Link. Set your KPIs against your competition’s data, such as market share of voice, coverage reach, advertising value equivalent and much more applying this insightful market data to your advantage.

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Why Editorial Link

Analyze by Country

Examine key metrics that show your brand’s position and coverage in different countries within Latin America. Our extensive region-wide database provide insights into how you measure in the sector as a whole.

Monitoring Map

Evaluate Competition

Know where you stand against your competitors to
enhance market insights and develop the best course
of action.  A
nalyze print, editorial and online publication
coverage, social media shares, and more.

Examine by Category

Distinguish your strongest categories and opportunity for growth. Personalize reports to show how you compare against the rest of your industry or category market.  

Category Competitive Analysis

Access Data Quickly

Our data is updated regularly to give you a real-time
view of your market position.  View reports with analytical
insights tailored to your needs.

Don't take our word for it

“Editorial Link allows us to measure our marketing efforts and ROI in the region. We’ve been working with them for years now and their service offering keeps getting better. They not only have the experience & sensitivity to Luxury which we were looking for, but also a strong knowledge of the media industry in our region. Editorial Link team is efficient, proactive and quick in responding any request!’

Caroline Fontanel
Marketing & Communication Director
Cartier Latin America & Caribbean

“We have had Editorial Link as our media monitoring provider for many years and we are very happy with their services. They are reliable, adaptable to changes and have an outstanding customer service.”

Marcela Roudenbush
Marketing & Communication Manager
Baume & Mercier

Your Questions Answered

How often do I get reports?

Reports are updated regularly through our automated technology that searches the internet for the coverage you'd like to monitor. We also send emails on a customized schedule that provides updates as frequently as you would like.

How often is print and online editorial coverage reported?

Online and print editorial reports are updated on a customized schedule and are viewable within the client portal.

What type of media insights do you provide?

We feature print coverage, advertising performance, competitor behavior, influencer reach, and more market data. If you have any questions regarding our media analysis reporting please contact us here.