The words sustainability, eco-friendly, green, and environmentally-friendly have been showing up in many different industries lately. But, does that mean that there is a place for them in luxury fashion? Over the course of history, eco-friendly fashion may have existed, but they were not thought of as luxury items. However, times have changed, and luxury fashion brands are getting on board with the sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable fashion is in demand

Shoppers are using their bank accounts to show what is important to them by supporting brands that are eco-friendly. This is especially true of millennials who are on their way to becoming the majority of the market for luxury brands. Your customers don’t want to hear what you are doing, they want to see your words put into action.

Work on showing the processes you use to assure that you are taking care of the environment as you produce your products. Show them what your company is doing to give back to the cause. Educate them on the materials that you are using and explain to them how that practice is good for the environment.

Chopard is paving the way along with others

There are several fashion brands that are paving the way for sustainability. This summer the luxury jewelry company Chopard will be using only 100 percent ethical gold. They explain the efforts they are taking to reach this point on their website to show their customers that they are serious about sustainability.

Other luxury brands, like English fashion designer, Stella McCartney, are working to show that they care about the planet too. Stella McCartney has worked on several collaboration projects to turn plastic collected from the ocean into recycled fashion, once designing shoes and another time a backpack.

Your customers have high expectations for sustainable fashion. They want to know they are buying items that are safe for the future of the environment. However, they don’t want to sacrifice luxury fashion to do so. If you can find the sweet spot where these two meet you will be richly rewarded by your thankful customers. You don’t want your efforts to go unnoticed. Our media monitoring service can help you determine the best strategy to spread the word about your sustainability efforts and make sure you are getting the media attention you deserve.

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