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How AI is Helping the Sales of Luxury Brands

AI has been taking the business world by storm. Businesses are finding plenty of ways to incorporate AI into their efforts to increase sales and are experiencing good results. Even luxury brands that are built around the experience that they provide the customer while shopping are finding success. What is AI? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. An article […]

How Luxury Brands are Excelling with E-Commerce

Luxury brands are not historically known for being easy to access. That’s part of the appeal of owning a product from a luxury brand. Customers perceive a level of sophistication and value based on the fact that they can’t go to just any store to purchase the brand. Instead of this being a problem for luxury brands […]

The Latin American Growth in Luxury Goods

It is estimated that Latin America will see an increase of 42 percent in the number of millionaires that call the area home by 2025. With the growth of millionaire residents brings with it the need for the luxury brands that they are accustomed to. The market is expanding Latin America has seen a large increase […]

Does sustainability have a place in fashion? Absolutely!

The words sustainability, eco-friendly, green, and environmentally-friendly have been showing up in many different industries lately. But, does that mean that there is a place for them in luxury fashion? Over the course of history, eco-friendly fashion may have existed, but they were not thought of as luxury items. However, times have changed, and luxury fashion […]

How Millennials are Changing the Way Luxury Brands Market

Millennials are quickly entering the luxury brand market. An article in Forbes states, “Deloitte recently projected 99 million millennials versus 77 million boomers now make up a larger segment of the luxury market.” This generation likes to buy and use luxury products and services, but the marketing that reached previous generations is not going to work on them. […]